Ipfire custom kernel

I’m looking for advice on how I should go about the following process. I use ipfire on some raspberry pi’s for separate VPN networks. These devices obtain dynamic IPs, from a DHCP server I have no control of. To mitigate this I purchased a small LCD panel that requires SPI, to output the external interface IP address so anyone can just walk up, and get the IP address of the device. I have the LCD panel working fine in raspberry pi os, but ipfire doesn’t have SPI enabled. Should I, build ipfire from scratch, and enable SPI in the kernel configuration, or should I just download the latest kernel (you all have used), and build it using the config file from the config/kernel directory? Does ipfire use a initramfs?

The first you have said, I think. IPFire does use initramfs. The kernel is signed in one go during the build and the key is destroyed after the build. You cannot add any module that has not been built together with the rest of the kernel.