IpFire cannot access

Access to the Ipfire is not possible.


Hi @domsheldon1

You are actually in the IPFire console command line as you can see the # symbol but your profile and .bash_profile files are not able to be read.

Try to read your logs to see if that command works and also what the logs say. See if there are any messages about disk problems. Having these types of messages can often be due to hardware problems with the hard disk being a favourite item.

If some commands work, try and see if smartctl works and carry out a health scan on the disk.

If no commands work then you may need to take the hard disk to another machine to carry out a check on it.

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Input/output error almost always means something is wrong with the disk/storage where IPFire is installed.

Everything was suddenly giving me those errors when my USB died (where IPFire was installed). Now I know that it is a terrible idea to install IPFire on vanilla flash drives and never been so happy that I made the right decision of installing it on an affordable Patriot SSD.