Ipfire can see into the future

greetings all,
I have accidentally noticed something odd in the Fw-Loggraphs menus. I first noticed this when a did a double click on the >> menu item under the firewall log (Country) menu. There was a future entry! I did not think much of it at the time, but on occasion I have looked to see if there were future (in time) entries. I noticed a several future entries. So today is still 2023-03-23 my local time and it appears that on 2023-03-30 my device will have some firewall hits.

If I look at the the Fw-Loggraphs (IP) or the Fw-Loggraphs (Port) menu for 2023-03-30 I also see entries. I have hunted through the /var/log/messages file but see no entries for the 30th (am I looking in the correct log file?).

I am wondering if anyone else sees such things, as either i found a bug, I have a problem with my install, or a really kick-a&^ version that can anticipate future FW hits.
Thanks in advance Z.

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I can reproduce this.
Time to open a ticket in bugzilla.

Maybe the two of you need to be very specific on the start status and then exactly what is pressed in which order and how many times.

I have tried with both Firefox and SeaMonkey and starting with today or a day earlier, I can double click or even triple click and the date number always only goes up by 1 and the country pie graph is always not shown when it is tomorrow or later. I even did double clicks on the >> button in sequence until the day number became 30 and then 31 and in all cases there was no graph data.

Once I have double clicked the >> I can click it as many more times as I want and while the perol code is being worked on to create the graph the day number will not change for me.

So I am having trouble duplicating it. So there must be a certain starting condition or using a certain browser or having certain preferences set in the browser or something that means you see the effect and I don’t.

I think this effect depends on the year.
I have files /var/log/messages* for about a year on my system.
Advancing in date reads the logs from m/d/(y-1) if today is m/d/y.

EDIT: I’ve looked into the sources. The code does exactly this. I have added a note to the wiki.


I see what you are saying. I also have my messages logs for a year but I had to replace my hardware in August. My restore also restore all my logs so I have those back to before August but they don’t seem to be being used by IPFire. I have zero hits until I get to August 30 and then I have a large number of hits but those are obviously from last year.


It’s no bug, but a ( not well documented ) feature. :wink: