IPFire as VM: are there any HowTOs/checklist/shortguide?

Several firewall distros provide install guide or a HowTo specific to Virtual/ParaVirtual Enviroments like ProxMox, ESXi, VirtualBox, XEN.
I tried to look for some about IpFire, without success. Did i not look fore enough?

Here is something that might help:


Ok, i add a VmWare Player little howto. It’s quite rough but i think it will ease a bit the setup.

I am new here however I have some experience with Proxmox. I am working on the project integrating IPFire, LibreNMS and PiHole in one machine managed by Proxmox. I will be happy to add something to the community and possibly wiki in the virtualization section. Time frame for documentation for this would be end of this month or beginning of Feb. Project will be described in more details on my blog as well with hardware description all used components etc. Bear with me if interested…

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