IPFire as OpenVPN roadwarrior?


I would like to understand, if an OpenVPN client (roadwarrior) configuration is possible on the IPFire, instead of an OpenVPN server (or in parallel)?
By default, OpenVPN acts (with roadwarrior or net-2net profile) as server, but here it’s vice versa.
The idea is, that IPFire is setup as roadwarrior and has access to the VPN server from various VPN service providers.

Many thanks for your feedback :slight_smile:


IPFire cannot use a VPN connection as an uplink to the Internet - if that is what you are asking.

I think I have a similar want… I am a so-called “road warrior” and generally log in with viscosity as openvpn client to the office, but that is only for a small subnet where some services are. When I am home, I can also connect that way, of course, but I also have some other systems that would need access to the office lan, as I am dog-fooding the product we have. Ideally, I would like to have a VM in my lab that has IPFire on it, with 1 NIC and the following config:
LAN as a normal device in my lab environment
OpenVPN client “virtual” NIC. IPFire acts like the OpenVPN NIC is it’s WAN link, meaning, all packets that come to it for the office IP ranges, it NATs the traffic out through the OpenVPN NIC. Also, it runs a DNS forwarder, sending all incoming (on the LAN port) queries through to the office DNS servers on the OpenVPN port.

Is such a configuration possible?