IpFire and fiber IPv4/v6

I will soon be switching my internet connection to a regional fibre-optic provider.

After a few information meetings and phone calls, I found out that I will generally get an IPv6 address and the IPv4 address will be realised via CGNat.

I have the option to order a native IPv4 address, which is then dynamic but not behind the CGNat.

My question is, if I then plug my IPFire on the RED connection into the media converter of the fibre connection, how will I be able to establish a connection? about the documentation, they wrote:

IPv6 with the following parameters:

  • IPv6 configuration: SLAAC according to RFC 4862
  • IPv6 Assignment: DHCPv6 according to RFC 3315
  • DHCPv6 Option: DHCPv6 IAPD
    (DHCPv6 Identity Association for Prefix Delegation)
    according to RFC 3633

IPv4 with the following parameters:

  • IPv4 Assignment: DHCP according to RFC 2131
  • IPv4 assignment: PPP according to RFC 1661
    (if you have received Internet access data)

Or will the IPv6 range simply continue to be ignored?

Because I urgently need functions like reaching and providing VPN tunnels.

A lot of questions, because the worst-case scenario would be an unhappy wife and a limited internet connection.

This is your best option with IPfire.
IPfire has no built in support for IPv6.
If you are so inclined you can modify
So config files for your Red interface.
But I can’t help you there.