IPFire 2.25 - Core Update 154 available for testing


I have performed the update on a Pcengines APU2 and it went perfect. The only thing, during the update, has given me the following error:

But hitting INTRO, you have returned to Pakfire and done it correctly.

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Now it’s time to test it to see if I detect a problem, but for now, good.

Thanks developers !!!. :+1:

After running OK for a few days, I encountered a network error:

  • DNS reporting “broken (recursor mode)” (to Lightning Wire Labs)
  • pinging the gateway (on same network as staticly addressed red0) reported “network unreachable”
  • web sites “can’t be reached”

/var/ipfire/ethernet/settings was identical, save different static IP for red0, to different instance running core 153

In the process, I discovered that the backup does not contain “/var/ipfire/ethernet/settings” which would be useful for restoring a minimally configured new installation to previous settings.

I rebooted from a minimally configured core 153 and copied “/var/ipfire/ethernet/settings” across to core 154. Core 154 now generally working, but I still can’t browse to the gateway, which is the only way of configuring it.

I did an update of a working x86 core 153 stable OVM instance and now the red interface is not working anymore, maybe due to the “Bad system call” on startup? - see screenshot.

All testers: There’s a new build of Core154 available (commit 896fa74d, as of 2021-02-16 19:00).


Does the new build address the dhcp-fail? Anyway, how to fetch it? It is not offered as Available update by Pakfire in Repository “Testing”, and the “Unstable” repo delivers a core 155 build.

If you’ve already switched to the “Testing” repo and upgraded to 154, you’ll have to edit the file


and change “154” to “153” so that you’ll be offered the latest Testing build.

The change log can be viewed in a browser at:



That worked just fine, easy. And dhcp client does work again: grafik