IP-Fire Restore (Disaster Recovery)

I have two IP-Fire Box Duo. One for production and the other one for testing and recover in case of problems with the productive one. During the last days I try to do a test run so that I’m prepared for the worst case. So what I’ve done. I created a ISO backup from the productive ipfire, wrote to a usb-stick and booted the second ipfire from. Ran through the installer, said yes to use the founded backup file. After reboot, I entered the “setup” via console to (re-)map the network interfaces (different mac addresses and I remarked, that is works as designed, that this reconfig has do be done manually after restore). But my configuration includes also a virtual blue interface mapped to a vlan (zone) and I wasn’t restored too. So I’ve choosen in the “setup” the red,green,blue configuration and set the ip-ranges (green, blue, red). But after entering the webinterface and switching to the zone part I saw only green and red and no blue one. I remembered, long time ago, when I was setting up my vlan environment, that I have to fake/edit the files “settings” and “vlan” at the console level to get it run.

So my question, does something changed for setting up a virtual nic in connection with vlan? No possibility to do all steps from the webgui? Why the virtual nic and vlan config doesn’t come with the backup/restore?

Thanks in advance

Little Falter