Internet traffic block after Update and reconfiguration of lost parameters


I have done the update to the actual Version yesterday. I have lost all my Settings of the URL Filter as already known. I have done screen shoots before the update and reconfigure the same Settings and now I do no the Access to the Internet on WLAN Clients because of traffic block.

I do not have configured the Captive Portal and I get this message also on a wired Client.

I am unable to reach the Admin page via wired or WLAN. Only by a VPN Connection I am able to reach the admin page.

Does anybody has the same Problem ?

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reason found. I disabled already everything an noticed, that the
setting “Sperre alle URLs die nicht ausdrücklich erlaubt sind:” was active.

after disabling this function, it works as expected.

Never configure firewall remote with a small handy.

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Hello Ritchie! Glad to see you were able to solve! In the future please post in English. That helps everyone in the Community!

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In English:

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