Internet Link Monitoring

I would like to monitor the internet connection, basically the same as the “gateway Graph”. I would like to be able to enter an external IP address and have IPFire send pings to that address and plot the responses overtime.

Is this possible to do?

I have recently installed a StarLink connection without the optional Ethernet Adapter, which means the only connection available is via the SkyLink Wi-Fi on network. To overcome this limitation I have installed IPFire on a laptop, I have the Green network on my LAN (wired) and the Red network on the SkyLink Wi-Fi. With this configuration I do not have to reconfigure my local network and can switch between internet providers by just changing the default gateway address on the PC’s etc.

I usually create a VPN into various networks I support and need to monitor these for stability and latency, hence the request for the custom “gateway Graph” option.

Of course, I can install packages on LAN to log this information (ie PRTG etc) but it would be very convenient to have this option ion IPFire.


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