Installs on Gigabyte Brix

Just an FYI for those wrestling with this.
The canned ISO doesn’t seem to work with Gigabyte GB-BLCE-4105 without playing around with the boot64.efi file located in /EFI/BOOT . I kept getting a blank screen with cursor at the top left (GRUB fails to load). So I replaced the boot64.efi file with one from puppy linux (might be any live distro would work) on the ISO (/EFI/BOOT) and after booting got grub up, just had to point it to where the grub.cfg file lives and was able to get to the installation screen.

Sounds like the well known Intel N/J-4xxx uEFI incompatibility with grub-2.02. This is already fixed in nightly builds by update grub to 2.04 and will shipped with core149

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