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From arch wiki ( could not find info on lfs ) :

Setting the framebuffer resolution

GRUB can set the framebuffer for both GRUB itself and the kernel. The old vga= way is deprecated.

The preferred method is editing /etc/default/grub as the following sample to set width (pixels) x height (pixels) x color depth:


Multiple resolutions can be specified, including the default auto , so it is recommended that you edit the line to resemble GRUB_GFXMODE=desired_resolution,fallback_such_as_1024x768,auto

Since i cannot find info for lfs, i would try with the auto switch.

That method works in my virtual ipfire since there is a framebuffer.

But I’m just connecting a VGA monitor to a mini pc and from all the boot info I do not see a framebuffer anywhere. All I get is a console, 25x80. If it matters, the mini pc is zotac [1] with cu164 installed, 8 GB ram, 60 GB disk.


Just dong on me 25X80 is already the auto selection … sorry

From this page :


  • Graphics Engine

Intel HD Graphics (Integrated)

  • Video Output

HDMI 1.4b (max resolution: 3840x2160 @30Hz)
DisplayPort 1.1a (max resolution: 3840x2160 @30Hz)
VGA (max resolution: 1920x1080 @60Hz)

Try those

Connected an HDMI monitor (capable of 1920x1080)

Modified /etc/default/grub … GFX_MODE=“1920x1080x32”
grub-mkconfig > /boot/grub/grub.cfg


console remains at 25x80

did you set

If yes, what are the value of /etc/fb.modes … is 1920x1080x32 listed ?

Yes, the keep is there but there are no files in /etc/ starting with fb

Hum … try fbset, then look again please

You can also, reboot ipfire, at the grub screen type c (for consol).
It will pause grub to open a terminal
at the prompt ( grub> ), type


this will list all video resolution that grub can obtain.
Note at the end of the list, prefered mode.
Esc to exit then enter to boot

if 1920x1080 is not listed, change GRUB_GFXMODE= to one on the list

Should have thought about it earlier … but better lather then never :sweat_smile:

ref grub2 manuel
16.3.79 videoinfo
Command: videoinfo [[WxH]xD]
List available video modes. If resolution is given, show only matching modes.

was able to get a photo …

and /etc/default/grub …

@loup001 I appreciate your help in trying to solve this issue.

I noticed that cu164 does not have fbset or /etc/fb.modes but cu163 does have them.

I will re-image the zotac with cu163 and test.

Hi Paul,

Not sure why you want such a high resolution for a text based console. Maybe you could explain.

Regarding fbset, this was removed from IPFire in May 2021 in Core Update 157. See the minutes from the May 2021 dev conf call.

The patches removed fbset from being built in any further Core Updates but did not explicitly remove the program on people’s machines. So if you had a machine being upgraded it would maintain fbset being present. If you did a fresh install it would not be there.

It looks like the intent was to remove it from the comment on the patch but that the removal was not put into the script for the Core Update.;a=commit;h=937748f96d48368b79b760e4ae8adf3278dbf43a

2nd Edit:
the removal of fbset has been put into the script for Core Update166. That script will then remove fbset if you still have it in place. It has been added by Peter Mueller as part of the IPFire houskeeping for removal of old programs/files that are no longer needed after changes but where the files were not removed at the time of the change.

WOW, I wish I had known this since I spent a day+ trying to make it work with fb.

My system (cu163) has it b/c it kept updating from older versions. A fresh new cu163 install does not have fb. Anyway, I would like a better resolution that 80x25, I was hoping to set it at 1024x768 or 1280x1024. Sometimes I work directly on the console at customer sites and it easier to read the kernel: DROP lines which are wide so 1920x1080 would help.

An option you have is to build fbset as your own addon.
Just watch out for CU166 because it will remove the binary. However once that CU is past then your own addon will be fine.

Personally, I don’t agree with the decision to remove framebuffer but … it is what it is.

You can always raise it on the dev mailing list.


Welcome, just to bad we could not resolve.


Found an archived installer for core update 156 …

Archived installer core 156

The archive you found may not be trusted.

Here is an IPFire source:


Thank’s did not know that site is unreliable. Will remove bookmark from my browser.

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