Incorrect password / password needed for 'info'

Hello there,

I’m on IPFire 2.25 (i586) - Core Update 145

I have some problems with Squid’s CacheManager.
I’ve activated the CacheManager and set a cache administrator password.
The CacheManager interface (cachemgr.cgi) login page is working all right - upon providing the cache admin password, I get to see the CacheManager menu.

However, clicking on any of the links returns a squid error page: cachemanager access denied. (e.g. for URL cache_object://<my_ipfire_ip>/info).

The /var/log/squid/cache.log shows two different errors, depending if the cache manager username was provided or not.
Empty username:
CacheManager: unknown@local=<my_ipfire_ip>:800 remote=<my_ipfire_ip>:59078 FD 11 flags=1: password needed for ‘info’

Username ‘manager’ provided:
CacheManager: manager@local=<my_ipfire_ip>:800 remote=<my_ipfire_ip>:59074 FD 11 flags=1: incorrect password for ‘info’

What’s even more, directly accessing the cache_object via the browser DOES work, e.g. for the URL

Any ideas how to solve the access denied issue through the WUI would be greatly appreciated :slight_smile:

Are you using any special characters in the password?

It looks like this is working correctly and you are denied access, but not because of a crash or something else unexpected.

No, I’m using a simple basic characters only password.
And as I said, accessing the cache_object directly through the browser works - just not through the cache manager’s web interface which shows the following error page:

Can anybody else reproduce this?