IDS Daemon stoped working and is not restarting anymore

The Intrusion-Prevention daemon stoped working and i am not able to restart it with the gui.
I am getting a error message "cannot access ‘/var/run/’ ".
There is no such file. I did not change or updated the firewall. Suricata was running, but now it stoped working.

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in der Datei /var/ipfire/suricata/suricata-dns-servers.yaml
habe ich den Eintrag ::
#Autogenerated file. Any custom changes will be overwritten!

ich meine hier müssten die beiden DNS-Server Adressen mit einem Komma getrennt sein.
Those two DNS server have to be separated by a comma?

// there is no untouched example configuration - suricata-example.yaml
// i am using IPFire-Version: IPFire 2.23 (x86_64) - core139

=> for me it works now, i edited my suricata.yaml file

# Include HOME_NET declaration from external file.
# include: /var/ipfire/suricata/suricata-homenet.yaml
HOME_NET: "[,,]"

# Include DNS_SERVERS declaration from external file.
# include: /var/ipfire/suricata/suricata-dns-servers.yaml


The ipfire generator file for suricata-homenet.yaml and suricata-dns-servers.yaml must be faulty.

Is there a topic for this in Bugzilla?

Hatte das selbe problem wurde hier gelöst

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No, the issue already is fixed, which will be included in the core 140/141 doubble-release.

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