Ids.cgi Customize Ruleset shows just a part of all ruleset files

On Core 167 the ids.cgi “Customize Ruleset” page shows just a fraction of all ruleset files located at /var/lib/suricata/

From what I have seen, the above page shows 117 ruleset files while in folder /var/lib/suricata/ there are 170.

ls -1  /var/lib/suricata/*.rules |wc
    170     170    7673

Difference is on subscripted* rules: page shows 66 while on disk are 117

ls -l /var/lib/suricata/subscripted* | wc
    117    1053   11110

Is there a configuration file that exclude some of the subscripted* rules files? (I searched, but found no such files to exclude some of the ruleset files)
PS: configuration file suricata-subscripted-used-rulefiles.yaml contains just a fraction of all the subscripted* rules files on disk…

Thank you!

Not sure about your specific case but in the past I had noticed that some of the rule files contained nothing but comments – no actual rules.