I7-7500u good enough for 1GB/s PPPOE?

I am going to be getting 1GB/s FTTP in the next 3 weeks. It will be a PPPOE connection.

I have just read my current J1900 Mini PC will not have enough CPU power to get full bandwidth out of my upcoming connection so I am trying to find a better solution.

would a I7 7500u mini PC with 8GB ram be enough to get full 1GB/s with or without IPS (hopefully with at the prices I will be paying for it).

If not what is the minimum spec NUC Mini PC CPU I should aim for? I do not have the space to use a full sized PC I need a mini PC for my router build.

Thanks in advance for any help.


welcome to the IPFire community.

Of course, CPU and RAM specifics are not to be neglected, but perhaps most important are good NICs. Please refer to this wiki page for buying considerations - speaking of NICs, this can be a bit tricky, since they are usually not as well documented as CPU and RAM are.

For the records, general system requirements for IPFire are documented here.

From my point of view, 8 GB RAM are an overkill for sour scenario. I’d recommend this appliance, which comes with 4 GB RAM (and, more importantly, good NICs), and is known to handle 1 GBit/s traffic with IPS enabled if it runs Core Update 161 or later.

Thanks, and best regards,
Peter Müller

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