How to use a include.user file

Good evening,
I would like my backup to include a folder of mine, I changed the include file in /var/ipfire/backup by adding the path to my folder, if I do bakup I find my folder.
But what is the include.user file for?
I tried to remove my folder from the include file and put it in the include.user file, but if I do backup this time the folder can’t find it.


If you change the include file then when the next Core Update occurs the likelihood is that the file will be changed back to the default IPFire settings.

The include.user file is there so that you can use it to define the files or folders that you would like to have backed up without losing them at the next Core Update.

I am using the include.user file for my backups and I have both files and a directory defined in it and all of them are included in my backups.

You can end the directory definition with or without a forward slash and you can start the line with or without a forward slash. It works in all of those cases. I just tested them and all the contents and additional directories underneath the one I defined were all backed up in every case.

Check that there was not a typo in the path in the include.user file otherwise it should be working.

See following wiki page about half way down

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Thanks for the reply.
I checked by rewriting the include.user file and now it worked.
I had probably written something wrong.


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