How to restore IPTable Mangles Rule?


How I can restore the Rule was set per default in this Table?
I attach the image of the Rule was set after installation, because was deleted by error.


If you want to have the default value in the IPTable Mangles rule then you already have that.
Your rule is exactly the same as what I have in my IPFire and I have not changed that so I would expect it to be the default.

Thanks for the reply, but the screenshot is from another Appliance runing IPFire.

My Appliance runing IPFire shows empty and not that rule.

Hi @max_7

Sorry, my mistake.

Then you are going to need to recreate the rule using iptables on the console command line.

I am not so familiar with the Mangle rules to be able to help with the specific command required. Other people more familiar with iptables will have to provide help with that.

Hi @max_7

I think this may help you:

You do it on an IPFire that has the rules well and then you copy it to a USB, paste it on the IPFire with problems and restore them.

Tell us if it works for you.


P.D.: Hello again. I have edited the resulting file and it seems that you will have to edit it so that the IPs of the destination IPFire match.

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