How to aktivate IPv6?

Is it possible to aktivate IPv6 on Red?
I need it because i´m behind CGNAT.


have a look at IPv6 development

small: no :frowning:

This is a pity!
is there another way to bypass cgnat without a fixed ipv4?

which Provider do you have? Maybe you can tell him that you need a ipv4 adress for your buisness. For example, Hosting your cloud or something. when i was a unitymedia (now vodafone)-customer also that has worked. All I have to do, was writing a letter to the support.

but that doesn’t workig anymore i think, see Umstellung von DS-Lite auf IPV4 only möglich - Vodafone Community

I think you have to talk with your ISP.

My Provider is
I can get a ipv4 adress for 4,95€ per Month.
I’ll call again because,i got the information, before I got the connection, that I would get ipv4.

Hi Ghost

I have the same problem with my provider Free in France.
So for the moment, I cannot use the mode bridge with my box (Freebox). So I keep it in mode router
Solution : I will activate the DMZ (for example and put IpFire in it (red zone)
For green zone, DHCP I will activate from to 50