Hosts and DHCP reservation matching or warnings

Hello Everyone,

From time to time machines on our work network need to have a DHCP reservation set up, and DNS to be properly resolving to that reservation IP, and sometimes those IP addresses need to be changed, and I have caught myself mistakenly updating one area without updating another area. Is there a way to automatically have those two areas of the IPFire interface be integrated, so that a hosts entry is automatically entered when a DHCP reservation is set for the name? Or is there a way to set up a warning so that if you have a hosts entry that’s added to map a certain name to an IP address, if that PC name is on the network already with a DHCP reservation to a different IP address than what is in the hosts file a warning comes up for the mismatch? That would save me some headaches when there is a mismatch.

If there is a way to do this already with an add-on please let me know, thanks.