Hostname resolution

In Logs/Firewall Log (WebUI) the Source and Destination IP is shown. Maybe it is possible to get at least the local hostnames (configured in Network/Edit Hosts) this should be not need a lot of performance. (Cache)

I use hostnames in the LAN so I must not remember each IP-Address.

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um, but how can we know beforehand that a PTR - because this would be limited to PTR DNS queries - is indeed served by IPFire itself, or a local low-latency infrastructure?

True, this could be enumerated for non-nested network setups, but as soon as IPFire is used for internal segmentation purposes, it may well be that IP addresses not directly configured on it appear in the firewall log, and there is no way of telling whether their PTR is served by an upstream (but local) DNS infrastructure or not.

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I do not want to resolve all entrys. (I assume this cost to much performance) But only these who are configured in Network/Edit Hosts at the IPFire. This should be easy and less.