Home & Office Interfaces


I have ipfire installed on a PC with 4 nics. Id like to setup 1 for the WAN interface (red) and 2 for LAN interfaces 1 nic for my personal systems, and 1 nic for a server from work that I need to host at my home, and the final for WLAN (blue). I also need to connect the server on the “office” nic to our business’ network via VPN (ipsec probably). I’d like to keep the home and office networks separated with maybe an exceptions or two (e.g. rsync or http) but I could be fine with them being completely disconnected. Is this possible with ipfire? If so, what would be the general gist of the configuration and could you point me to some resources on setting this kind of configuration up?



you have up to four networks you can use for your network devices: wiki.ipfire.org - Step 5: Network Setup

You may put your server(s) on ORANGE. Because it’s a DMZ, you will need to create your own firewall rules for that network: wiki.ipfire.org - Network topologies and access methods