Help me choose the best used pc within my budget

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The HP Compaq i5
Athlon II x2

The i5 maybe more power efficient.

Could you leave me the links? Because I can’t find them. Thank you very much.

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The Athlon II x2 may be lower power usage than i5.

One has a burned motherboard and the other one doesn’t work the internet port and 1 usb. But thank you very much anyway.

Well you’re going to need to buy a additional nic anyways.
Look for AMD Athlon x2
Athlon II
You will probably have to go into the I series
To get 64 bit. Intel stayed with 32 bit a long time
And that’s probably not a guarantee

The PC that you are considering are very high wattage - 200 to 250 W. Are you planning on running it 24/7 ? If so, then look for a PC, with about 1/10 that power consumption. Pentium 4,Core 2 & Athlon II will be too high power consumption. I don’t see anything in Mercadolibre, within your budget, that is suitable. It is also very difficult to tell, without more detailed description, which are 64 bit.

It does need to be 64 bit as well as having some way of adding a second network, whether inbuilt, compatable with low-profile NIC, or use a USB-Ethernet adapter. If you raise your budget to 13000, then a new mini-pc, such as: mini-pc-dual-nic should work well.

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No - that is a high watt CPU plus a high watt graphics card. Tower computers and many small form factor computers won’t be suitable.

A firewall does not need a lot of processing power nor video performance. 10/100 network will also be adequate, unless you have Gigabit Internet connection.

If you want low power consumption, then a new computer is a better prospect.

I have raised the budget a little to see if you find something rediable, my new budget is 15 thousand Argentinean pesos. Thank you very much in advance. Best regards.

The computers in that store are intended for use as desktop PC, not as firewalls. Many are very old and could fail after very little use. You need to look elsewhere.

We need to go back to objectives:

  • how many computers are you going to protect with IPFire ?
  • what is your Internet speed ?


Thank you very much.

Any 64 bit computer would handle a firewall for that usage, See Hardware for IPFire

You need to find another supplier. There was nothing suitable at the Mercadolibre site.

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