Guardian 2.0.2 not loging in syslog

After so many time Suricata replaced Snort I discovered that Guardian (v.2.0.2 - latest in pakfire list).

  1. Still contains entries for snort

cat /var/ipfire/guardian/guardian.conf

Log settings.

LogFacility = syslog
LogLevel = info

Enabled modules.

Monitor_SSH = /var/log/messages
Monitor_SNORT = /var/log/snort/alert
Monitor_HTTPD = /var/log/httpd/error_log

It also seems to stop loging in syslog - I wrongly entered a passwd in WUI, my access no longer works but there is no entry in syslog: using logs.cgi/log.dat , filtering for Guardian reveals nothing

Because of above, the Currently blocked hosts section from guardian.cgi is also empty.

And because of that I can’t unblock from WUI a blocked host.

Any ideas how to start guardian to log its actions?

Config seems correct: it say syslog!
And loging level Info (the other option being off).

Thank you