Green interface - disable DROP_FORWARD, DROP_NEWNOTSYN

Hi all,
It’s been ages since I’ve dealt with iptables, and I’m having some issue resolving something. Ok, so I have a bit of a convoluted setup that is required to connect a remote network to the main network. The IPSec connection is made, and is working fine. The problem is at the remote site, there are already several VLANs and subnets handled by the main router there - it is set to forward all traffic that is meant for the VPN to the IPFire green interface to then send along to our main location. Well, looking at the logs - the default function on green0 is DROP_FORWARD and DROP_NEWNOTSYN.

With this, I can ping from the main location to systems at the remote location that has IPFire, but I can’t ping from the remote location back to the main location. I need to configure green0 to NOT drop_forward and NOT Drop_newnotsyn but I’m not sure how to go about doing this. Any tips?

Ok, I’ve added a firewall rule within IPFire and that seemed to open up communication in the other direction. I went through the IPFire web interface to set it; although I did’t know which chain it would affect I figured it couldn’t hurt to try. I’ll know for sure tomorrow when I’m able to go on site and see if I can reach the main location domain controllers and file servers.