Green connected TV doesn't work

Hello there,
I am new member. Firstly I should explain that I know pretty much nothing about routers. My kind ex-husband set the system for our son and I so we would have internet safety, and we can control our son’s access. My problem comes in as he is most of the time unavailable to help. So I somehow need to learn to troubleshoot. Hopefully this is where you might be able to help.

At home we have 2 tvs. both connected by wire but also can wok wireless. One tv is working.
Wired connection has IP address and wireless
BUT the other one isn’t working. for that one Wired connection has IP address and wireless

Would you please help me?

First, welcome to the community.

Maybe the second TV is blocked by firewall rules. Is it a device used mostly by your son?
If so, just look in the WebGUI page Firewall->Firewall Rules for rules using the TV IPs.
It is possible that there are FW groups containing these IPs ( Firewall->Firewall Groups ).

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Thank you for your reply. unfortunately it is the tv I would watch once in bluemoon, that is why I don’t know if this is caused because I have updated the system. There is nothing in the firewall groups however firewall rules have been set up as follows

That doesn’t look like any blockings active.
Was the update of the TV successful?

Update was for the router. now running IPFire 2.27 (x86_64) - Core Update 167 it used to be 166

this teaches me not to be brave LOL

I don’t think, it was the core update.
Assuming a basic standard configuration of your IPFire device, there should be many error postings from other users if IPFire causes the problem.

Bernhard thank you for helping.
I will carry on trying different options to see what it might be :slight_smile:

Should only need one or the other.
check this settings

Outgoing firewall access rule 2 bothers me?
Perhaps that was to log access to blue.
But it looks like it forwards everything.
No protection at all.

That means if I delete the green one, I should be able to connect, am I right?

Green one has no Mac filter.
Wired is always better
But Blue works. May have To Check “firewall” Blue Access Page

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blue doesn’t seem to work even if I unplug the cable.
I have added other devices before. even when I mark the IP address (with the correct mac address it doesn’t connect. I can connect the hard drive but no internet connection.

Is there a way I can adjust green access (other than DHCP) as whenever I type the IP and MAC it says outside of subnet range even though it is within the range

Please please note that I still have no idea what I am doing. all going with guess work

What are your DHCP settings

does this answer your question?

s there a way I can adjust green access (other than DHCP) as whenever I type the IP and MAC it says outside of subnet range even though it is within the range

Green ip is not for Blue Access
If that’s what your putting in there?

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Did you reboot after upgrade?
May not be necessary but not a bad idea.
Don’t get too worried we "the ipfire community "
Will help you get it figured out.

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I did reboot. several times.

no not at all.

What services are you running?
Status, services

Status tab