Getting timeouts after upgrade to 172

hello all,

I recently upgrade to core 172, and since upgrading I’ve noticed while browsing I am getting random “webpage timeout” errors. I would hit refresh and a couple seconds later the website would load.

this has happened a dozen times in the last day. performed another reboot of the firewall as well as power cycled my network equipment, though that did not help.

any ideas what I could look for?

I presume that this means browsing on general web sites not the IPFire WUI pages.

Do you have the web proxy turned on. If yes then I would look in the web proxy logs to see if there are any messages that give a clue to what is happening.

Squid was updated from version 5.6 to 5.7 in CU171 but no squid update was carried out in CU172.

I have not seen any issues as you are describing with my CU172 system.

We need to get some clue from the logs as to what is occurring.


thanx, yes, browsing general web sites.

as far as I remember, I don’t have the web proxy turned on, though I will double check to confirm.

I will also look at squid and the logs and get back with you with what I find.

@bonnietwin can it be a DNS issue?

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@cfusco that is a good suggestion.

Yes it could be.

In that case @nixit there would be some messages in the Unbound logs for that under Logs - System Logs and then select DNS: Unbound in the dropdown box labelled Section then press the Update button