Fully qualified name - Best practices

One point of clarification as I am reading conflicting details.

I have been running ipfire now for a few yrs.

I have a registered domain name which, for this example, I will call mydomain.net

When I initially configured ipfire, I gave it the following name:


Should I have named the server ipfirePA.mydomain.net?

I own a “wildcard” certificate from Comodo for *.mydomain.net

Should I be using that certificate with ipfire rather than the self signed one? If so, how?


Yes, you can and should use FQDNs wherever you are.

But you won’t need a certificate signed by a CA for the web user interface. You won’t gain any security from it.


Thanks for the reply.
Changing the hostname, is this something I can do on my existing system (using the setup utility from a shell) or should I do a fresh install?


Wouldn’t it be useless to have the option in the setup to change the hostname and domainname if it won’t work?

Yes, you can do this from the setup util.