Full disk error after update

I have a problem after the last update
tells me that the dev / sd1 disk is full
and at the same time it no longer allows me to cancel the backups made
full disk error after update
the machine is an I5 with 4GB ram
solid state drive


It’s /dev/sda1 (the boot partition) that is full. 60 meg seems a bit small and you also have a fairly small root partition (/dev/sda3) and a huge /var partition (/dev/sda4) relative to the other two.

I don’t know why these sizes are like they are. Perhaps it was the way things were configured when you installed ipFire – or perhaps you chose those sizes yourself. While you can probably resize thing using something like gparted, it might be worth considering a fresh reinstall.

Backups go to /var/ipfire/backup, so there’s plenty of space for them.

Thanks for the information, for choosing the partitions, I didn’t choose anything, I just accepted the one proposed by the system
I will definitely evaluate the formatting and reinstallation of the system

Older installs of IPFire used smaller partition sizes. I can’t remember which version, but a few versions back this started being more of an issue as the IPFire OS started needing more room as you upgraded it to newer versions. You could try resizing partitions with gparted or simply do a backup of your settings, then do a clean install of the most current version and restore backup.

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