Frequent outages report

We have had regular issues with the internet going down at one of our remote sites. The main site and the remote site both have IPFire Routers. It seems like every week on Monday the VPN is down and things have to be reset in order for the remote site to get back on the internet. The tech for the ISP was just on-site, and he is saying they have monitoring set up no so that any time there is an outage with our connection they will be informed.

The IPFire at this location used to be at another remote office that has since closed, and when the system was there we never had issues with the IPFire going down. Both sites use battery backups on the equipment.

I think it’s something environmental such as the ISP’s connection, or possibly power at this location, and the ISP is blaming the IPFire Router.

I want to document out proof. Other than cat and grepping through all the log files manually to get connection stats, is there a way I can generate a report to show all the times that the connection to the internet went down, yet the IPFire device itself stayed online serving the local LAN to prove it’s not the IPFire router?

The Network (other) graph shows ping times of the gateway. When my ISP is down (ping gateway does not work), I see a section of the graph being white (no data) instead of green. My internal LAN network works but I cannot go out. Maybe that might help you.


That helps some, and I can see some gaps in time from the chart at various frequencies. Is there a way to get that data outputted to an excel or a csv file or something?


You could use

rrdtool dump /var/log/rrd/collectd/localhost/ping/ping-gateway.rrd

to dump to XML format but also found on github a tool to convert rrd to csv (have not tried it)