Force/limit core version during pakfire upgrade

O boy that was of course a typo I did not mean ipcop at all. It is all about ipfire of course!

Sorry, for this inconvenience.

But back to the topic: maybe an other pakfire (stable, unstable, testing and “old core”) channel would do the job?


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Reverting to a previous state is a very hard problem to solve, see the history of NixOS to have an idea of how challenging is this this apparently simple task. IPFire team is not equipped to solve this problem, therefore it offers the possibility to custom-create an ISO file to reinstall from scratch and then restoring your backup. I think this is your only option, or have a second hard disk cloned and ready to be swapped.

EDIT: reading again your post I believe I misunderstood your suggestion. You want something like a Debian Stable for IPFire, where any update is very stable (and therefore very old). I think @pike_it has already said what would be my opinion in post 14.


This is an interesting idea. If you have a spare device to experiment with it might be worth the effort. My gut tells me it probably won’t work. But it might be worth trying…

The testing could be done with ease.