Firewall Rules identicall but not working

System is a IPFire 2.27 (x86_64) - Core Update 160

I have two firewall rules

  1. Red Port 9022 → Green Host1 port 22
  2. Red Port 9880 → Green Host2 port 1880

First one is used for ssh from red network and it works fine
Second one is used for http to connect to a webserver and can’t be reached

Both host have static DHCP set by IPFire. Tried to reach both on green from the same on red.

What could I check/change to make sure http/https would work through the firewall from the red side to the webserver in green?

this might help:

And this should help change the Red Port to what you need:

I understand you are not using a DMZ but just use this part:

For what it is worth you really should consider using DMZ instead of your green network.


Thanks for that . As mentioned the configuration was the same.
However found the issue

The particular host to be connected has to have the right ip set here
Firewall-> Firewall Groups-> Hosts

Than and only than after both (IPFire and Host) has been rebooted it works fine.
Not sure why the reboot was needed

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