Firewall Rules example

Hello people,
i have a PC in IPFire-2.25-core-147 in the Wall GREEN-Card,
and the Port=15000 and the Protokol=TCP,
so everybody=all can from internet to my PC.
It is this correct or can made better ?
So can look in Appendix. (46.1 KB) -File.


I have no idea what you try here, but it seems you are little bit unexperienced. I recommend you not to do this in your green zone you should do this in orange or use vpn for it.

Anyway if you really care about nothing… do below

i have a PC…in…GREEN…everybody…from internet to my PC

  • change Destination address to the IP from your green PC
  • change Destination port to 15000

Btw. i dont care whats in the zip iam not interested :slight_smile:


I forget yesterday “my usual pray here and there” :wink:

So i recommend you, to do as fast as possible, this RTFM job.

I suggest to start here

Afterwards i recommend, you read @pmueller blog posts

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