[feature request] quick overview

Hi new user love the firewall.
it would be nice with a quick system overview on main page.
for when you are busy and want to check the status of firewall.
Ex: system load, number of hits, number of connections

Hi dertad537, welcome to the IPFire community!

your suggestion is interesting, but IPFire isn’t just a firewall only it were ‘nice’ to have information about proxy, QOS, DNS state, … . Thus it could not be a quick overview, because of the size of these information.
The start page shows the connectiveness of the interfaces and the actual traffic rates.
IMO this is enough for a first look at the system. Specific informations can be found on the other topics ( which are more or less big pages ).

well then i’ll see you and double up
why not a custom homepage?
were you can choose whatever you want to be displayed

Sorry to say but there are too many other things on the To-Do list!

Security is at the top of the list. And nice features around for the user interface are lower…

The IPFire Dev team is always looking for more users to volunteer their time.

Care to join the effort?


sorry im not a coder
include iostream is as far as i ever got
then i focused on admin task instead
keep it on a shelf for a rainy day :slight_smile:

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