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I am using Ipfire(VM) for a school project and I need to access the web interface from the outside. We are aware of the security risks, it’s just to try out things. I have tried out some firewall rules, but I cannot get it to work. I can only access the web interface from the LAN Network. But I need to access it from the WAN. Can anyone tell me how I would need to set it up?
I have 3 network cards (WAN(RED), LAN (Green), DMZ(Orange))

Thanks in advance

You can establish a SSH tunnel ( best with key authenification! ).
So you have access to your internal network from outside, logically giving you access from green.
Another possibility is use of VPN connections.

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first, welcome to the IPFire community. :slight_smile:

Second: Yes, as @bbitsch already mentioned, please use VPN connections for this, as they are more versatile than SSH connections. IPFire supports both OpenVPN and IPsec, and both types are easy to configure in the web interface.

Thanks, and best regards,
Peter Müller

For lab purposes, you can try the below rule

But keep in mind that connecting via VPN or SSH will be more secure, as Bernhard and Peter wrote


Thanks for the answers. We are aware that in normal circumstances, you would never do something like this. We will also do SSH afterwards,

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