Dual Opteron Grub Problem

I try to install IPFire 2.23 Core 137 at a Dual Opteron Mainboard using 2x Opteron 2222 and each CPU with 2x 2GB Ram. It stops right after press :install IPfire. After using Text Mode there was a Message that the unpacking File was corrupt. After Checking my RAM Moduls i find out, that this Error is only if the second CPU has Memory installed. I checked with different CPUs, RAM and Mainboards form Tyan and Supermicro. Same after install the IPFire and try to start with Ram at both CPUs. For now i using Ram only at the first CPU but there must be something wrong with Grub. Maybe someone can fix this, because i have many Tyan S3992 Mainboards, that have 3x Lan Card onboard and can be geat used for hosting many VPN Connections at one Box.

Would you please try to install/setup another distro for check up your hardware?
Maybe CentOS…

Carefully check the bios settings. I’m running Debian on a Tyan S2915 with dual Opteron, and it was a pain to find bios settings that would minimise kernel error messages :wink:
Note that if you get a black screen after grub screen, it could be a APIC problem (got it while installing IPFire on latest Athlon 64). Solution is to add “noapic” parameter on the ipfire line of grub config.

sorry for long delay, but i have not so much Time to test. But now… So the Problem exist only at Opteron 22xx CPUs and if you install memory on both CPUs. As i upgrade to Opteron 23xx and Opteron 24xx ther is no problem for me now.