Drop DHCP lease for certain clients


Is it possible to switch off the dhcp lease for certain (blue network) clients?

Need this for a device that connects to my IoT Wifi and should be permanently online and not loose its connecting any time…

I doubt that the network connection is interrupted during the issuance of a new lease, however if the IP is unchanged, and the DHCP server always try to give the same IP number to the same MAC address, the lease never expires. In any case, if you configure the client to request a fix IP in the network range (how to do it depends on your operating system), IPFire will provide that IP and in /Network/Edit hosts you can also set the DNS for a specific host name for that IP in the local domain.

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Thanks for clarification!

Unfortunately, I cannot assign a fixed IP to the client, at least not on the client side because it only has the capability to use Wifi and has no interface for entering any network settings at all.

Anyway, if the expiration of any DHCP lease won’t cut off the client and the client will get the same IP-address, because of its MAC address again, I guess I won’t face any troubles.


Defining fixed leases in the DHCP server is equivalent to static IPs.
The server first tries to use a known (MAC, IP) relation. This makes managing the set of relations for the network much easier. :wink:
If you use a certain set of fixed IPs in your net for some reason, be sure this set is not overlapping with the ( disjoint! ) sets of dynamic and fixed leases.

About “cut off of the connection”: ususally a client renews his lease for a IP some time before the expiration. Thus it is not necessary to search for an IP again in case of a data transfer request.