DROP_CTINVALID Error Message in Firewall Log

The DROP_CTINVALID Error Message on Green0, TCP interface is logged alot in the
Firewall Log. Is there a way to block this message from being logged ?



for the records, this is also documented here.

It would be appreciated if you first try to consult the documentation, and then ask here if your question was not answered in the wiki. (That’s why we bother writing docs in the first place.)

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Peter Müller


Peter - based on the screenshot in the second post he may be saying that all of the Firewall logging is turned off. And he is still getting DROP_CTINVALID messages.

or he could be saying he found the Firewall Logging and then disabled it. And now all is good!

It is a little hard to tell…

For the records, Terry’s post is an answer to Gary’s question. :wink:

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Doh! (on my part!)

I still don’t have this reading and comprehending part down. My bad! :face_with_open_eyes_and_hand_over_mouth: