Dracut version being old, and hostonly option to reduce initrd image size


While looking at a Core upgrade problem related to core 162, 163, I read a bit about dracut, which I’ve never read about earlier.

I notice that ipfire 2.x is actually using version 38 of dracut, which is from 2014.
The current version is 56, NEWS.md - dracut/dracut.git - dracut - Initramfs generator using udev

This seems like a fairly central piece of the ipfire, since it handles the boot up.
It seems to handle things like microcode updates, which kernel modules etc that gets included in the initrd image, etc.

I read through the changelist from version 38 to 56, and there were several changes which looked important, but probably not all the scenarios are relevant for ipfire.

But I guess it also a bit complicated to test things related to upgrading the dracut version.

Do you have any thoughts on the need for updating the dracut version used in upcomfnig Ipfire core versions ? (I appreciate that you have lots of dependencies, and keeping them all up to date is a lot of work for you)

One separate questions, is that I also noticed that there is a “–hostonly” options, which when I tested it very briefly on my machine (just putting the image to /tmp, not booting using it), caused the initrd image size to be 1/3 of the size.
But I’m guessing not many people are really needing a smallest possible initrd image, so I assume the risks assoiciated with using that option has been considered, and you decided against using it.

Alf H



just for the records: This patch series implemented the dracut changes, and updated dracut to the latest version. It will land in Core Update 166.

Thanks, and best regards,
Peter Müller

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We cannot use hostonly because the buildsystem runs dracut and we ship the prebuild ramdisk that should run on all hosts.

Normally we not run dracut on the firewall except there was an version update or config change in a core update.