Do you have experience with UBIQUITI and IpFire?


Do you have experience with UBIQUITI and IpFire?
For the Private WiFi network, I have no problem connecting to the internet.
For the guest WiFi network, I don’t have internet with a VLAN.
The device does have an IP address in the BLUE zone, but it does not connect to the internet.
I have tried everything but it doesn’t work!
Do you have an idea to correct my configuration?



Devices on Blue is - should it be, same subnet as Blue/WiFi DHCP clients?

I do not understand your message.
The clients are on the DHCP server domain
The guests (in WiFi) are on and the guests receive an ip address from the IpFire.



Yes, but after watching your screenshots a couple of times I didn’t understand very well. Do you want two different IP ranges in the blue network? That would’nt work. So you will need a second blue interface. I have quite the same config like you. But the guest wlan (with a vlan) is connected to the blue interface with its own IP-Range. The internal WLAN has no VLAN is connected to the green interface and in the same IP range like the cable connected clients.

Paul, the win2016 has DHCP and DNS. Don’t these conflict with those of Ipfire?

I don’t think so. When you take a look closer to the IPFire DHCP screenshot, he decativated DHCP for green.

Don’t these conflict with those of Ipfire? no! It works perfectly.

It doesn’t conflict with IPFire, but with the idea of an easily maintainable system. The green IP of IPFire is static. Thus the networks of IPFire and the DHCP server on green must match.
Just as a thought.

What configuration should be in place? I am lost with the Ubiquiti solution.

I have no experience with VLAN’s
But don,t you have to configure your switch for this?
Through the cloud key.

Thanks, the switch is configured.

First question(s) have to be cleared. What do you want? Two different WLAN/SSIDs with two different IP-Ranges over the blue interface(s)? Or, similar to my used setting, one guest WLAN over blue and the internal WLAN over the green interface?

This is exactly the answer: Two Wlan-SSIDs with a guest Wlan on blue and an internet Wlan on the green interface.

And that would be?

do you have any idea of the correct configuration?

Hope this helps.

Triple check the settings. Mess up with vLan is quite easy.

So, first you have to change this.
In your case, it’s “20” the guest wlan not “10”.
Second, you have a lot of firewall rules. Did you need them for implementation of the two wlans? I haven’t added rules there for that.
Third thing. It would be better for troubleshooting if you get the connection working without the proxy. Means, deactivate the proxies for green and blue temporarly until the connections work.
Fourth thing. I haven’t a Ubiquiti switch, but managed switches from another vendor. But the VLAN configuration should be the same. Means, you have to activate/add the vlan for the port where the ap is connected and the port for ipfire
Fifth thing. Can you make a screenshot from “Réseaux sans-fil” please? So I can see the 2 SSIDs.