DNS not working after upgrading to Core Update 141

Hello Community,
As summarized in the topic, name resolution via IPFire has not worked since the upgrade.

Before the upgrade, I had entered the primary and secondary DNS server of my cable network operator in the IPFire and configured the IPFire as the DNS server for the clients in the DHCP settings.

After the upgrade, the WebUI shows the status Broken under Network> Domain Name System (see screenshot below).
At times I did not specify the IPFire as the DNS server in DHCP, which in my opinion. undermines the sense of the firewall and makes access to the servers under the orange network more difficult.

I have two questions:

  • What is the cause of the status or how can I determine the cause?
  • Why can’t I delete the two servers under Action? (I could easily delete a third name server again.)

Thank you for your support.
Best regards

Hi Sören,

first only english please. Have a look at the wiki. https://wiki.ipfire.org/configuration/network/dns

Do you use " use Provider Dns"?


i think the problem is that the unbound daemon is no longer running and brings an error message when it starts.

Please try to start the service manually and see if an error message is issued …

/etc/init.d/unbound -restart



Hello, thanks for the quick help.

@anon65703081 : My goal is to use the DNS of the provider. That’s why I left “Use ISP …” (ISP = Internet Service Provider?) active. That should be the reason why it is not possible to delete the two servers.

@anon2595834 : Your guess was correct. When the service was stopped, there was a warning that the service was not running at all. It was easy to start.

In case someone needs the topic because of the same problem. The correct syntax is without “-”.
/etc/init.d/unbound restart

Thank you both.
Best regards

First check the dns servers. If your ISP strip the signatures. If all servers fail you have to add an other one or disabe all servers to use the recursor mode.
unbound will not fallback anymore if at least one server is configured.