DMZ Pinhole not working


I’m trying to create a DMZ Pinhole for accessing a particular host in the GREEN network from the BLUE one. I’ve followed this guide but packets are still being blocked by the firewall. The only other two rules I have set-up are for preventing a couple of IP Cameras from reaching the RED network.

Am I doing something wrong? Thanks in advance.
(By the way: Does this forums has the ability to preview a post before submitting it?)

Can you screen shot the DMZ firewall rule.
Try the mac address in the Source network (blue host)
Protocol ? any ?

Try the mac address in the Source network (blue host)

Already tried. Actually, that’s what I want.

Protocol ? any ?

I need to only allow the RTSP associated destination port. Here, I’m trying to allow all of them. ICMP doesn’t work also (I cannot ping the destination host).


I am probably of little help here.
Try using NAT in your firewall rule.
Let me know if that works.
Default rule blocks blue to red.
Green can connect to blue is a default rule.