Disk usage, title to short, whilst wanting to be short and concise

Hi, On install IPFire creates 4 primary partitions. Which renders the rest of the disk unavailable. So, even though IPFire only uses less than 16 Gb, a 500 Gb drive has ~480 Gb not used. Is there a reason for IPFire to have 4 primary partitions, or is it safe to convert to logical and utilize the remainder of disk space?

The installer puts in partitions for /boot /boot/efi and SWAP. Then it uses the remainder of the space for /

The wiki indicates that 16GB Storage is usually more than enough for most situations. If you need to use a really large proxy cache then you could go to 256GB

If you want to use some of your 500GB storage for a separate partition then you can do that but you will have to do that manually.

Once you have adjusted your partition structure it will stay like that through any Core Updates.


Thanks Adolf.

I did manually manipulate the partition structure. I was just curious if there was a reason for the install using the disk in the way it does. No complaint, just wondering.
Primarily, I can clonezilla sda4 much quicker and to varied medium with the / mount smaller.

I think the basic reason for the structure is that it is partitioned for use as a firewall and not a general purpose distro.