Disable "use provider dns" post install

Being a newbie with IPFire, I have spend quite an amount of time as to where I could disable the “use provider DNS servers” set as ON during the install.

Could someone here help me with this. I went thought all the menus on the web gui and also tried login in as root and tried the setup, but I could not find the way of doing it.

Thanks in advance.

Go to Network - Domain Name System and uncheck the box for “Use ISP-assigned DNS servers”

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Hello Adolf,
Thanks for your input. It is one of the first place I looked. Unfortunately, there is no such box when I go to that page. It show the ISP provider DNSes with no possibility of disabling them and there is no box with the legend " “Use ISP-assigned DNS servers”.

Correction!: it took an inordinate amount of time for the bottom of the page to load (more than 10 seconds), that is why I missed it every time I went to that page.

Thanks for making me look again, more patiently! :slight_smile:



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