Delete backup button is not working

Hello Guys,

I needed to delete old backups from the system and realized that the delete button is not working.

Oh NO you broke it!!! :crazy_face:

Just tested it for you and no probs here: core 142.

What version do you use?

Hi Terry,

IPFire 2.25 (x86_64) - Core Update 142

In the /var/ipfire/backup/bin/ file, there is a instruction for deletion.

		local filename="${1}"

		if [ -z "${filename}" ]; then

		make_backup "${filename}"

But, that button doesn’t work for me. :blush:

I deleted using console. I don’t why the button is not working.

I think the name of file is in a format on webpage and the name in directory is another format.

the second file has 0 MB – something is wrong.

The backupiso happens from /usr/local/backupiso, you can find the file /var/tmp/backupiso/

When I make a backupiso, it puts the process in the background so I have to wait and refresh my screen to make sure it was created. Not sure if this is the issue …

Hi Pavlos,

Thank you. I deleted the empty file by console.

So, the problem is the delete button isn’t working to delete the backup files. I don’t know what is the problem… :expressionless: