Dateisystem voll: /dev/sda3 Frei=0%!

Hello, suddenly my ipfire shows the message: " Dateisystem voll: /dev/sda3 **Frei=0% !", for english users “File system full: /dev/sda3 **free=0% !”.
What is sda3 for? It is mounted on “/”. For a test I mounted it in /mnt/test. There was a whole structure like etc, var, home, etc. in it. What is wrong with my ipfire?

Thank you

can you post a screenshot of Status>Media (the Disk Usage part) ?
or from the console, post output of df

df ipfire1

Yes, of course. Here it is.

You have an older installation. /boot could also fill up eventually.

Best solution is a fresh install, that uses larger / and /boot partitions, by default.

What core level is installed ?

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I have core level 144 installed.

In that case, it would be useful to download the latest backup file, before reinstallation. That can be done from the Home page.