Cu 163, 164, 165_RC : backup restore : DynDns entry missing

The fix for that backupctrl issue is in next (CU166) and I installed it onto a vm on my vm testbed and it did not fix this problem of the missing directories in the backup. It may still be related to paths because of the change from absolute to relative paths in the include file but the paths change in suid.c for backupctrl is not enough on its own.

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I’ve added a comment ( and solution ) about this to bug #12817

Just a reminder:
This has to be re-edited with every “Testing” updates

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Core Update 165 Development Build: master/c55f5c8e: still the same.

It will be. I haven’t yet submitted the patch. I will do that later today. Then it will likely go into CU166.

When done I will put a link to the patch and you can apply it to your system removing the temporary fix I mentioned earlier in this thread.

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Hint @ Adolf: My last post was aiming at the “spdyn” specialities -
c.f. above: “concerning, there is a sepciality” …
confirming the observed “Instant Update” problem.

Sorry, my mistake.

Then you need to raise a separate bug for that and one of the devs that has knowledge of the DDNS code in IPFire will have to have a look at that.

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