CU 143 or 144 broke Minecraft?

Since I installed either CU 143 or 144, Minecraft stopped working on everything but one PC on my network. I don’t know why, but one PC can connect to external Minecraft servers all day, every day, but all other LAN clients can only connect to 2-3 of the pinned servers and nothing else. Also, I can’t access my own local MC server remotely at all. They can all see one another but when one tries to connect it sits at “Generating World, Locating Server” until it times out.

I’ve tried disabling the proxy, disabling miniupnpd, enabling miniupnpd for ALL clients. I had port forwarding setup on 19132 to the local MC server, tried disabling it, re-enabling it. Nothing. I checked for dropped packets, nothing in the logs at all. I check connection status and can see active connections between the two but it still dies.

I also set up my hosts page to redirect my dynamic dns url to the local IP of the minecraft server which seems to have worked after updating to CU 144. I tried disabling that and then re-enabling it and it didn’t change anything, either.

Edit: After rebooting the computer that was connecting, it is now NOT connecting, so now NO clients work. I’ve rebooted the whole network several times to no avail but rebooting the client made it stop working.

I fixed my own problem. I had left P2P blocking off for a while and recently turned it back on again. The Bittorrent blocking was what was messing with Minecraft. I turned Bittorrent to “Allow” and it’s working now. Don’t know why Minecraft game data would be confused with Bittorrent.