Creating SysVinit scripts?

I wanted to get Syncthing running on my install. Since it’s not installable by pakfire, I turned to the X86_64 binaries distributed on the syncthing website. Which run without a problem, except that for all the inits supported out of the box - systemd, upstart, runit, etc. - there are no init scripts.

I have previously hacked together a terrible script for the rsync daemon (rsync is installed by default, I think, but without a predefined service for the daemon) but before I did the same for Syncthing I thought I would ask if there were any good ressources here or elsewhere to guide me. Yes, I have searched but results are, unsurprisingly, flooded by suggestions of how to get off of sysvinit, moving to systemd. Also most suggestions rely on helping tools like start-stop-daemon which I donm’t think is included in IPfire. I have also studied the existing scripts but man alive, these scripts are a jungle.

In particular I’m struggling with services that need to drop root privileges/run as different users, because sudo feels like a hack. Any other way than sudo?