Create LAN (IPFire + Linux)

Hi, I am using VirtualBox on which I have IPFire + Kali Linux and Windows 10 installed. My goal is to create a DHCP server on IPFire and use the network created on the previously mentioned operating systems. My main goal is to analyze DHCP and packets from IPFire on WireShark software on Kali Linux.

How to configure it all?

My current configuration:

  1. Windows 10 - Internal network

  2. Kali Linux - Internal network

  3. IPFire - Green: Internal network, Red: Bridge (my Internet - ISP)

Are these good options for configuration to create the kind of network I want? Or is the problem, however, that the internal network should be replaced by a NAT network in the settings of the virtual machine? Please help me!

red/green should not be on the same subnet (192.168.0.*) as your image shows.

In VB, install ipfire, 2 interfaces, red (bridge), green (vb host-only adapter)
(red or from your ISP, green

configure ipfire, dhcp on green,

kali, 1 interface, vb host-only ethernet adapter
(it will get an ip like

kali can access WUI as